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At last...

Launch of new website

Blurred Lines.

After much discussion over cups of tea and the odd biscuit, at long last, here is my new and (hopefully) improved website. It is difficult saying what is important without wiffling on. I have sat for quite some time staring at the screen and moving things around.

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I was prompted into action by reading an article in October edition of The Simple Things magazine about working from home called Blurred Lines. I have worked freelance for many years but had a stint back at the chalk face in schools. It's funny how quickly you get use to the routine of an organisation. Now that I have moved back to quiet, polite Shropshire from the hustle and bustle of the city, I am back to setting my own routine and agenda. Prioritising and making sure goals are achieved is now an important aim. I have had some promotional postcards made by the lovely people at but didn't want to send them until the website was ready. Knowing how time flies during term I know that the cards must go out this week or I will lost in the mayhem of halloween, fireworks and then the C word, (I said Christmas very quietly). The magazine article talks about setting an agenda on a Sunday for the following week. Perhaps I was avoiding this as it smacked too much of Sunday night planning for school, but planning has to be done. What I hadn't appreciated was that it is my planning, not for someone else.

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So I can cross the two most important things off the top of my planning list and see what reaction I get to the launch of my art workshops in schools?

The little felt creature in the blog heading is a newt brooch that I had to find in one of our packing cases when a friend commissioned me to make two more for a colleague at school. They are based on the school logo and great fun to make.