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Shhhh, Christmas is on the way

Busy studio but no elves

My first Christmas

It has been great fun, and quite a challenge, thinking around how to approach the season of present buying in a calm and creative way.

I’m really excited to have my series of mosaic trees in my Embroidered Mosaic series accepted at Willow Gallery in Oswestry for their Winter Open Exhibition. They also agreed to take some smaller Mosaics for their rather lovely gallery shop. The exhibition opens on November 11th through to January 6th. I’m very flattered to be included in their beautiful gallery and at a great time of the year.

The large Bluebell Mirror will be on display along with the trees.

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This is still a testing the water part of my start up studio and I’m planning some research and development of my mosaic technique and designs in early 2018. Not sure what will come from that but it’s all about the journey rather than trying to plan outcomes. And that’s always a challenge.