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Young Artists

A Take One Picture Project

Up on the wall.

It was really heart-warming to find out that my recent artist in residency was funded through the wonderful PTA at Hampton Wick Infant & Nursery School. Hard-working and supportive members really support the school in striving to provide creative and inspiring experiences for all the children at the school. To see more photos from this amazing arty week please take a look at their School Gallery.

The Take One Picture project led by the National Gallery in London is inspiring and schools have demonstrated how one piece of artwork can be a catalyst for some exciting and exploratory work. There are lots of notes and guidance for teachers on their website using past paintings and well-worth a look. Notes are available for both secondary and primary teachers.

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School Art Workshops dates available

Please contact me through the contact page if you would like the children in your school to have a similar experience. Workshops can be tailored to specific year groups, whole school, curriculum focus on art or other subject areas, installations to improve the school environment or promote school cohesion. Working for a week with children is fantastic, but the projects can be scaled up or down to suit your budget or time constraints.