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A Goal ...

One of the goals I set myself when I set up my craft practice two and a bit years ago, was to try to get my work listed in the Craft Council Maker Directory. When I was on my degree course it was such an mark of success to be acknowledged by the Craft Council, although back in the day was it was a different proceedure, it was still a huge deal. It still is to me.

I spent ages checking out other makers, both inspired by their creativity and craft skills and daunted as to wether my switch to mosaics had worked. In reality I should be able to evaluate my own work and the progress it might be making. It is hard to be objective and view the work with a self-critical eye. I am still working on that after many years as a maker.

So after a few false starts I was immensely pleased to finally have my mosaic work accepted and here's a link to the page on the Craft Council website.

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Last year saw a consolidation of improved technique and a free-ing up of ideas, to explore my own style and approach. Acquiring my own garden after ten years of not having more than an urban balcony has certainly given me the space to think and look more closely at the natural flora and foliage around us. I also keep returning to the work of Gustav Klimt. The fragmented landscape painted in myriad tiny spots of intense colours, shimmers and catches the light, just like the tiny glass shards.

Next steps are leading me to exploring funding streams to allow me time to develop the ideas around garden interventions. It is still at the sketchbook stage but fills me with joy at the prospect.