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Shrewsbury Open Studios 2019

Shrewsbury Artists and Designer-Makers open their doors to you

It's a bit like buses!

May and June seem to really ramp up after the lull of the late Winter and early Spring. I am so glad that I earmarked time for new idea development and experiments as it is all hands on deck now!

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So the Shrewsbury Open Studios is back this year as the larger trail, rather than the smaller 'splinter group' of artists and designers of the past two years doing our own thing. I am also playing host to a sculptor who has recently moved to Shrewsbury, Olivia Ferrier. Her textural bronze cast wildlife are both beautiful and engaging and will be flying into my studio/gallery very shortly.

So, two weekends of opening to the public will be fantastic. However, it has involved a complete spring clean, wall painting and a change around of the furniture. All very timely and much-needed. I am also working like mad to complete all those part-completed items and execute the mosaic ideas that have been buzzing around in my head, mostly at 3.45am ...

So work to collect from teh 'In Colour' Showcase at the Mostyn Gallery in Llandudno, although they are retaining the garden stakes for their regular shop, which I am absolutely thrilled about. Then I had volunteered two pieces to be included at another venue in Shrewsbury, so I delivered those on Tuesday to Participate Gallery in the Raven Meadows Centre. This could turn into spot the mosaic in town!

Two Trees, mixed mosaic £175

To add to this I also volunteered to have one of the seven wall panels grouted from the Opportunity Pre-School Mosaic Project started in May and ready to show in the Belle Vue Arts Festival which starts the week before. And I said I would steward too, (maybe stretching myself here)! But it is all good publicity and a chance to go out and meet new people. It is so easy to hibernate in the studio in my own little world.

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I decided to brighten up the studio door with a Frieda Kahlo inspired pom pom garland (so fingers crossed it doesn't rain). There will be a warm welcome and very pleased to be able to talk to visitors and returning clients about new work and future projects.