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New Pottery Opening

Talented friends

The Pink House Pottery

I am always excited when someone I know realises a dream, scratches an itch or just gets on with pursuing a dream. My friend Vincent McDonnell has done just that and has just launched his website and e-shop at in New Malden.

Vincent has a great set up in his garden studio and has been perfecting his ceramic products for a few months now. You can read all about how he has arrived at setting up his own craft business on the website and be inspired.

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Vincent has designed and created some lovely bespoke pottery too, just great for those celebrations you want to mark in a very personalised way and with something that is both useful and beautiful. William Morris would be delighted with that ethos. I also know that he has a great support team behind him, always keen to advise and supply cups of tea to keep him going!

Take time to visit his e-shop and read more about what motivates him to craft beautiful pots.