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Waiting for a workshop

Since moving to the rather beautiful town of Shrewsbury, I have been waiting patiently to find a new workshop. It's been a few years since I have had a dedicated work space where dropping grout on the floor is not the end of the world!

I'm always surprised at how tricky it can be to find just the right location, with some decent natural light and access to a kettle. However, I made tentative enquiries on a space just before Christmas. Events of the past few months keep signposting me to make a decision and now I'm going to go for it. A proper studio, develop my networks and really explore my favourite medium of mosaic.

And a couple of orders through my etsy shop in the past week made me realise that stock is running dangerously low. The sun is shining outside and I have lots of new designs running around in my head. I have also been trying out some new packaging ideas with felt heart tags and pretty tissue paper and ribbons. Hopefully customers are liking what arrives in the post.

The coasters come in sets of four matching boards, painted on the back and with felt feet to stop any scratches on furniture. Depending on the tiles used I have been using either putty or black coloured grout, the multi-coloured Tutti Frutti coaster at the bottom are my bestsellers to date. They are £15 for the set of four.

I shall be looking out for commissions and new galleries to showcase my work, and in the meantime fingers crossed I will revealing where my new studio will be!

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