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Shropshire Guild of Contemporary Craft

Shropshire Guild of Contemporary Craft

It has taken me a while to feel that the right time had come to apply to join the Guild. My mosaic practice has been evolving over the past 18 months and the few months have seen it kick on. When I look back over some of my past work I have to cringe, it seems so naive and simplistic but it's all part of the process. Development. Testing.

Opening as part of a local Open Studio initiative in Shrewsbury has helped tremendously. A chance to show work to the public, who are very generous with their support and feedback, has always been positive. I'm just about to take part for the third time, and definitely wiser this time around.

Sending work off with my application was quite a moment, as I took stock of where I am at with my craft. It is very exciting to get that stamp of approval from an external body who don't know me from Eve!


And now I'm showing my work at their Christmas Fair called Gorgeous. It will be held at Enginuity in Ironbridge (TF8 7DQ) 24-25 November 2019, 10.00am to 4.00pm with 40 other makers and exhibitors. I'm hoping to learn lots and meet some new supporters, along with other SGCC members. I'm wondering how my display will stack up against the other work there!

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