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Wildred Owen Exhibition

Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

New exhibition October 2018

I was very pleased to have a piece of my mosaic artwork accepted to hang in a new Open Art exhibition held at Shrewsbury Museum and Arts Gallery. The exhibition theme was to respond to the poetry of war poet, Wifred Owen who died just a few weeks before the Armistice of WW1.

It is only recently that I discovered that the last house he lived in was in the next road to where I live which somehow made the connection even more poignant. His poem Futility was the link to my work, with the rising sun looking down on the carnage.

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Catalogue Satement:

My craft practice making mosaic is based in a studio in Shrewsbury, and I live around the corner to where Owen once lived. I originally trained as a jeweller and silversmith after my Foundation Art studies at Shrewsbury School of Art. Much of my work reflects my love of gemsetting, albeit on a much larger scale, and the reflective qualities of glass and ceramic components to create a surface texture.

A Love Lost was inspired by the poem Futility by Wilfred Owen. The domestic willow-pattern china evokes the life left behind by the ordinary soldier as he lay within the circles of mud, beneath a 'kind old sun'. The idea behind the triangular shape is to use the upward dynamic to create a sense of moving towards that sun. The portal in the middle allows the viewer to look through the poppy and cornflower fields and beyond.